Ethics Minister Lokodo Backs Ugandan Legislator’s Call for Anti Homosexuality Bill.

Kawempe North MP Latif Sebagala has called for thorough investigation of schools claiming that there is a lot of bad things being taught. He says “Our children have been exposed to western cultures which are not in conformity with our cultures” While debating a motion on implementation of all policies and legislation relating to children Latif Ssebagala claimed that “There is a lot of homosexuality in schools and I think we need to bring back the bill (anti homosexuality bill) to curb this vice” .

Ethics Minister Lokodo without evidence chimed in alleging that that 90% of children in schools are recruited into homosexuality adding that the pornography control committee will soon go out and get those who involved and bring them to book.

Sexual Minorities Uganda Executive Director Dr Frank Mugisha says “We do not support people who sexually abuse children, we have always spoken up against child molesters. It is time for our legislators to stop diverting our attention from serious issues affecting us as Ugandans.”

The said legislators should know that LGBTIQ people do not support pedophilia and rape and that any sexual relationship between LGBTIQ people is consensual. This also serves to warn said legislators against making baseless statements that put the lives of LGBTIQ people in danger. The Anti-Homosexuality law was scrapped off as seen fit by the judiciary and it is the duty of the said legislators to obey the law of the country.

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