Ugandans Urged to Tackle Transphobia by Protecting the Trans Community In Uganda.

Sexual Minorities Uganda joined Trans Equality Network as they marked the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance- TDoR. The members of TEU say the day is important for them to celebrate their identities with the vibrant members of the community here in Uganda and across the globe. Sexual Minorities Uganda Programs Director Pepe Julian Onziema said,

HIV Organizations Decry “Political Interference” with HIV Response in Uganda

PRESS STATEMENT For Immediate Release:November 22 2018 Alliance of Women Advocating for Change • Sexual Minorities Uganda • Health GAP WONETHA • Uganda Harm Reduction Network • International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS Eastern Africa • Transgender Equality Uganda • Uganda Network on Law Ethics and HIV/AIDS (UGANET) HIV Organizations Decry “Political Interference” with HIV Response in Uganda.


While it’s difficult to get an exact percentage, the most widely accepted statistic is that 1 in 10 people identify themselves as LGBT. This means that between your friends and family and your friendly acquaintances, the odds are strong that you already care about someone who is gay, either in or out of the closet.