Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (LBT) Sensitisation Workshop with Health Care Providers in Eastern Uganda

  On 21/01/2019, SMUG held a sensitisation workshop with Health Care providers in Eastern Uganda. The workshop was held with the support of and in collaboration with the Eastern Region Women’s Empowerment Organisation (ERWEO), Holistic Organisation to Promote Equality Mbale (HOPE Mbale), TRIUMPH Uganda, and the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, who together advocate and

Number Of Men Seeking Medical Circumcision Services Declines

The number of men seeking medical circumcision services has declined following a requirement by the health ministry for all men to undergo tetanus vaccination before the procedure is executed. Dr Denis Bbaale, the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision coordinator at Infectious Diseases Institute says that although vaccination is necessary for protection of men against tetanus, its