Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)and Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) held a Legal Strategy Meeting to strategize on the way forward after the Uganda Registration Services Bureau’s refusal to reserve the name ‘Sexual Minorities Uganda’. The meeting on 13th August 2015 was attended by 20 persons: lawyers and activists. These were: leading legal scholars,

SMUG Programs Director shares experience of Working in a Hostile Environment

The year is 2004, and young activists from the newly formed Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) are repeatedly met with a cold reception when they approach organisations for support. “Having sagging jeans was kind of fashionable,” says Pepe Julian Onziema, Programme Director and Advocacy Officer at SMUG. “Just our appearance made civil society organisations close their

Pepe Julian Onziema Voted Hero of the Year at the 2014 Stonewall Awards

In November 2014, SMUG Programme Director Pepe Onziema was recognised as Stonewall’s hero of the year after battling anti-gay laws in the African nation despite threats to his life. Below is his acceptance speech. “Dear Ladies, Gentlemen and All non-conforming guests, I bring you greetings from my family, my colleagues at Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)