SEXUAL MINORITIES UGANDA (SMUG) SAFETY AND SECURITY OF THE LGBTIQ+ COMMUNITY IN UGANDA A PRE-COVID 19 TO POST-COVID 19 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS A publication of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) Kampala, Uganda December 2020  Researchers GEOFFREY OGWARO Senior Research and Policy Officer-SMUG &  REGINA TUSIIME Research Assistant/Research and Policy Officer-SMUG SEXUAL MINORITIES UGANDA(SMUG) Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)

Know Your Rights, An Understanding of the Legal Framework for Advocacy during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Background; Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) through the REAct Project under Safety and Protection Department working with Research & Documentation and Linking Learning Department runs the KNOW YOUR RIGHTS program.  The Know your Rights Program is an initiative that started about three-four years ago against the need and background to equip LGBTI organization leaders and community

On the 4th of August 2016, Uganda Police raided and shut down an event organized by the LGBT community as part of Pride Week Celebrations at Club Venom in Kabalagala. The event which was a beauty pageant was held to crown Mr and Mrs Pride. Uganda Police Force raided the event arresting SMUG ED Dr