Congratulations Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum Uganda-HRAPF on winning the Equal Opportunities case.


Sexual Minorities Uganda-SMUG today celebrates and congratulates Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum – Uganda (HRAPF) on winning the Equal Opportunities case that challenged Section 15(6)(d) of the Equal Opportunities Commission Act, which blocks the Equal Opportunities Commission from investigating matters involving behavior that is regarded as ‘immoral or socially unacceptable’ by the majority of cultural groupings in Uganda. This simply defeats the whole purpose of the commission which is to ‘eliminate discrimination and inequalities against any individual …and take affirmative action in favor of groups marginalized on the basis of sex, gender, age, disability or any other reason created by history, tradition or custom for the purpose of redressing imbalances which exist against them’.

The Constitutional Court has finally decided the Case of Jjuuko Adrian Vs the Attorney General where Section 15(6)d of the Equal Opportunities Commission Act has been declared unconstitutional and that everyone should be able to access the Equal Opportunities Commission.

According to HRAPF this is a big win to the Marginalized communities in Uganda especially LGBTI persons and sex workers.

HRAPF ED Mr Adrian Juuko says I’m so proud right now about this case,it is worth all the efforts and risks since 2009. This is a very important moment for the non discrimination movement in Uganda. This case affects all of us and we at HRAPF are glad that the Equal Opportunities Commission has been opened up to every Ugandan, without discrimination.

SMUG PD Mr Pepe Julian Onziema says, “I’m so proud today because I’m witnessing the chains legal of oppression continue to break. We have more work to do, but today we celebrate this win”.
“I’m so excited about this news”, he adds.

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