Diane Bakuraira Sydney on the significance of Women’s Day to her as a Lesbian woman in Uganda.

Of what significance is women’s day to you as a lesbian woman in Uganda?

I appreciate myself as a woman even before the aspect of my sexual orientation or gender identity. But why it’s even more significant in this country is because lesbians in the past have been perceived to want to be men and were not recognized in this society as normal women and it gives me the joy that despite the different challenges of being a lesbian, the society is gradually recognizing that being lesbian doesn’t take away your womanhood.


What should LBTIQ women do to better women’s equality in Uganda?
My fellow female comrades the LBTIQ identifying women first of all LOVE yourselves unconditionally and always remember we are not different from other women or men for that matter. I urge you to further your studies and skills in order articulately voice out gender inequality.


Didi as we all call her at her desk at SMUG offices.


What are some of the things that SMUG has done to accelerate the empowerment of LBTIQ women in Uganda?

SMUG in its diverse self and has empowered LBTIQ women in the sense that is has is provided different platforms for women in regard to Employment, Skills Development, Mentored young women into leadership positions.


What keeps you going in a place where prevalence of homophobia and transphobia is high?

I believe I am a mouthpiece and Voice for the Voiceless that gives me a lot of zeal and power to continue advocating for fundamental Human Rights for LBTIQ women and other marginalized Persons.

What is your message for women for women out there? Both out and closeted?

I advise all the women out there to equip themselves with knowledge and skills necessary to effectively SPEAK UP and involve themselves in the different governance positions. And for the closeted to use all mediums to get their messages out DON’T LET FEAR HOLD U BACK stay in the closet but use your story to always empower other women.


Didi at one of the numerous Pride events we celebrate yearly

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