FEM Alliance is a Women (WSW) organization, which was established in 2011 by a group of lesbians who felt that the needs of the growing LBT/WSW community was not adequately represented by the few minority groups  organizations in Uganda. And more so in the wake of the constant harassment, insults and discrimination heaped on them by an ignorant society because of their sexuality or sexual preferences as well as trans phobia even within the LGBTI and sexual rights movements.


FEM Alliance exists to promote human rights and restore human dignity of LBT/WSW through Education, Personal development, Advocacy and Strategic partnerships.


FEM Alliance’s vision is a stigma free Uganda where LBT/WSW enjoys equal rights, Human dignity, respect and social justice.


FEM ALLIANCE Uganda (FEMA) is a Lesbian Bisexual, Transgender, Women who have sex with Women organization. It’s a member and partnership organization.

It was formed in 2011 by people who felt there was need for adequate representation in the LBT/WSW community and there was need to join hands and strive for our rights at the same time change the situation on ground where discrimination resulting from sexual preferences ruined family ties, leading to expulsions from schools and homes. Leaving people homeless and uneducated therefore was making it harder to earn a living in Uganda.

FEMA was formed with a clear mission of improving livelihood amongst the LBT/WSW community through education and impart communication skills to the members to enable them cope with changing times.

A lot of lesbians, bisexuals, Transgender persons and women who have sex with women have been excluded in a number of interventions here in Uganda especially those who live in rural areas. Over the years, LBT/WSW have been harassed, cajoled, insulted, discriminated against and have been referred to as beasts and on several occasions, have been called inhuman, insane, sick, immoral and not upright thinking members of society.

Their education back ground is not good hence they don’t have jobs and those who are educated to a higher level of getting jobs are not employed because of their sexual identity. They are isolated in many ways, thrown out from their families for their sexual preferences leading to drug and alcohol abuse, engaging in all different anti-social activity. FEMA comes in with the intention of changing this situation.


To increase knowledge, information and advocate for Human Rights of LBT/WSW within the community.


    •  To promote a well-co-ordinated, inter-dependant and strong network of LBT/WSW membership.


    •  To establish and maintain strategic partnerships with key allies and partners.


  •  To develop the institutional capacity of FEMA-Uganda to be able to fulfil its mandate.