Health workers in Uganda urged not to turn away men who have sex with men when who opt to use the female condom.
Speaking at an event to mark the Global Female Condom Day an activist (who preferred anonymity) advocating for sexual and reproductive health rights says it is estimated that 40% of men who have sex with men in Uganda opt for the female condoms. She adds that she came into this information at a sexual and reproductive health conference in South Africa. On returning to Uganda she learned that there are clinics that have received a number of men who have sex with men who want female condoms and health workers have been left confused as to why they would use these condoms yet there is an option of using the male condom considering their gender.

Men who have sex with men say they use the female condoms because they are well lubricated on the inside and outside with a higher amount of lubrication. They also say they opt for the female condom due to scarcity of lubricants in the country. The female condom also gives men who have sex with men especially the “bottoms” the power to negotiate for safe sex.

The female condom is one of the HIV, sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy prevention options. It offers people of any gender who engage in receptive a way to take great control of their health.

Although female condoms are an effective prevention tool many people cannot access them in their communities. Local advocates for sexual health, HIV prevention and reproductive justice are showing that female condoms are needed and wanted by Ugandans irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation.
The Global Female Condom Day is an annual day of education and advocacy celebrated on 16th September to increase awareness, access and use of female condoms.

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