About Icebreakers Uganda

Icebreakers Uganda is a support Organization formed in 2004 that caters for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) – Ugandans 18 years and over  – who are ‘coming out’, as well as men and women who are already ‘out, or having feelings of loneliness or isolation due to sexuality or sexual related orientation. Icebreakers Uganda also educates men and women about their sexual health with regard to risky sexual behaviors with much emphasis on HIV/AIDS and STIs as well as promoting their Fundamental Rights. We were registered in August 2012 under the companies act.

Its vision is a Uganda of total justice devoid of discrimination based on sexual orientation and free of HIV/AIDS and its disastrous effects.

Our mission is to support and raise the awareness of all gay people in Uganda about their human rights aspects in health, risky sexual behaviors with emphasis on HIV/AIDS and to speak out for those who are being bullied, abused or hated because of their sexual orientation.


Icebreakers Uganda’s main objectives include;


    • Empowering the Sexual Minority with moral support and courage through creating safe –space and holding thematic support events.


    • Educating LGBT people in Uganda on risky sexual behaviors by organizing, arranging and conducting holistic related group talks.


    • Educating LGBT people in Uganda on their Human rights through seminars, workshops, advocacy drives and retreats.


    • Conducting affirmative-advocacy for observance of gay human rights thus reduce discrimination and denial in dealing with those affected with HIV/AIDS.


    • Research aspects of LGBT rights as they relate to and impact on health and life in full.


    • Network and collaborate with other organizations for comprehensive services.


    • Disseminate information to end ignorance of LGBT aspects in society through discourse, dialoguing, volunteer community work and talk shows.

We achieve these through,


    • Community mobilization,


    • Care and support,


    • Capacity building,


    • Advocacy and lobbying,


    • Research and documentation,


    • Free VCT/HCT services,


    • Free access to health care and support,


  • Free access to our resource centre,