SMUG ED Dr Frank Mugisha anticipates discussion concerning human rights violation at Uganda’s first ever Presidential Debate. He says,” The day is here, Uganda’s presidential debate.I am waiting to see how candidates will address issues of human rights violations. I am sure a topic on homosexuality will come up, let us see how candidates will address LGBTI rights & anti gay legislations.”

It should be noted that some Presidential Aspirants promised their electorates that they would fight against homosexuality.

48-year-old veterinarian, politician and pastor Abed Bwanika of the People’s Development Party said when elected president, he will set up a moral re-correction center that will tackle social evils such as corruption and homosexuality since “Uganda is no area for homosexuality”.

“We cannot accept to be pushed into homosexuality by the West.

All homosexuals (in Uganda) will be rehabilitated because they have demons and we have specialists to chase out demons,” Dr Bwanika told his youth-dominated audience at his maiden rally in Nsambya sharing hall, Kampala, after nomination on 4th November 2015.

Presidential Candidate Ben Biraaro also promised to fight against homosexuality at a regional level after failed efforts by Uganda as a country. He said if elected president, he will take a regional approach with the East Africa Community partner states against the practice since a lone fight by Uganda will lead to international isolation and embargo.

The candidate was on 6th January speaking to residents of Masaka and Kalungu who wanted to know how he will tackle the challenges in society such as immorality, poverty and intimidation by crime preventers.

He said EAC countries can easily come together for a common cause against homosexuality up to the level of Africa though the African Union.

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