Sexual Minorities Uganda Statement on the Historic Ruling in India

SMUG welcomes the historic decision by the Supreme Court of India that strake down the Penal Code Act Section 377, which criminalised LGBT People. This victory today gives back the gay pride that has been denied to the LGBT community for generations in India. Additionally, we celebrate this win because the dignity of the LGBTI community has been restored. We take this opportunity to thank our comrades in the struggle, the brave activists, Civil society organisation, allies, and partners who have fought hard to see the repeal of this law that had created a lot of pain and injustice against the LGBT people in India.


SMUG notes that, the colonial law strake down today in India, is the very one that was adopted by the Ugandan government in the 1950s and reproduced in the Uganda Penal Code Act Cap 120 Section 145. We urge the Ugandan government and the legislature to follow the path taken by the Indian Supreme Court today to end the criminalisation and discrimination of the LGBTI persons   in Uganda. we have also learnt that when communities, government and courts of law work together there is justice for all. In Solidarity We Stand.



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