Sexual Offences Bill Withdrawn to include new Amendments.

The speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya has moved that the Sexual Offences Bill be withdrawn and re-drafted to include the newly proposed amendments. This after Kumi woman MP Monica Amoding attempted to read the new amendments of the bill on the floor of Parliament.
Jacob Oulanya said it would not be easy  to process the Sexual Offences Bill with the new amendments because it is no longer the same bill. He added that the SOB is a very important matter that would affect many Ugandans and cause financial implications for the government of Uganda. Amoding tried to justify why she wanted to read the new amendments, saying “Many Ugandans are interested in the passing of the bill.” But Jacob Oulanya stuck to his guns saying “These new amendments have not been seen by anyone else apart from you. This bill if passed into law will affect many Ugandans. All you have to do is re-draft the bill and make it one  document. It will be easier to present it that way.”
Clauses 16 and 17 of the Sexual Offences Bill are almost a repetition of sections 145 and 146 of the Penal Code Act, which makes it an offence for an adult to engage in same sex relations. The bill also seeks to incriminate women who have engage in same sex. If passed these clauses will have the same if not worse implications than the Anti Homosexuality Act that was annulled in 2014.

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