Sexual Minorities Uganda calls upon the judiciary to fulfill its obligation by allowing the case in which Fr Simon Lokodo the State Minister of Ethics & Integrity in the Office of the President, in the Cabinet of Uganda is accused to unlawfully closing down a workshop organized by LGBTI persons in Uganda.

Sexual Minorities Uganda Executive Director Dr Frank Mugisha says “We are not satisfied with the ruling in this case , we are disappointed that our appeal is being delayed , it’s our hope that the Ugandan Judiciary will act upon its obligation  and allow this case to start .”

This after The Court of Appeal of Uganda failed to schedule a conference in the case of Kasha Jacqueline, Dr Frank Mugisha, Pepe Julian Onziema and Geoffrey Ogwal against Fr Simon Lokodo and the Attorney General.

In the High Court’s ruling the judge said he was justified since things done to promote homosexuality are considered crimes under the Penal Code.

This decision was however appealed by the activists and the case is yet to be heard.

The appellants were represented by Counsel Caleb Alaka, Adrian Jjuuko Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) Executive Director and Patric Kimera HRAPF legal officer. The Attorney General was also represented.

However the Attorney General has not filed conferencing notes so they have been given a last adjournment and the case will come up again on 21st September.

‘This is an important case as the decision of the High Court seems to say that all things incidental to homosexuality are potentially criminal including service provision, advocacy among others’. A statement from HRAPF read in part.

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