Court Cases

SMUG v Scott Lively

June 5th 2017: The Massachusetts District Court validates SMUG’s claims that evangelical pastor Scott Lively aided and abetted a vicious campaign of repression against LGBTI Ugandans, but dismisses case on jurisdictional grounds.

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June 8th 2017: Scott Lively files a notice of appeal to the First Circuit Court of Appeals to reform and correct the Order Granting Defendant Scott Lively’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

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August 10th 2018: The First Circuit Court of Appeals denies Scott Lively’s appeal to censor the District Court’s ruling.

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Uganda Constitutional Court ruling on the Anti-Homosexuality Act (2014)

The petitioners complained of eleven issues within the Anti-Homosexuality Act, including the possibility of disposing the Act on the grounds that it was passed without quorum.

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Kasha Jacqueline v Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo (2012)

Four LGBTI activists were forced to close a workshop on advocacy and leadership by the Minister of Ethics, on the basis that the workshop was an illegal gathering of homosexuals that aimed to promote homosexual practices.

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Kasha Jacqueline v Rolling Stone (2010)

Three Ugandan LGBTI activists file suit against Rolling Stone, a Ugandan magazine, for releasing pictures of 100 LGBTI Ugandans as well as some of their names. The article published by Rolling Stone called for the Ugandan government to hang LGBTI Ugandans so they do not “recruit” children.

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Mukasa and Another v Attorney-General (2008)

Victor Mukasa, the founding chairperson of SMUG, sued the Ugandan government after himself and his guest were subjected to harsh and illegal treatment by government officials who claimed they were homosexuals.

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