Gender Non Conforming People(GNC). Are We Ready To Have this Conversation?

Knowing and using people’s preferred gender pronouns is one step towards building a happier community, this is why Sexual Minorities Uganda has delved into a conversation about Gender Non-Conforming people in a bid to shed light on who they are. Discrimination of Gender Non-Conforming(GNC) people who do not identify as exclusively male or female, occurs in religious, social, legal, medical


The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt presented an unprecedented condition that has affected and crippled the operation of businesses, offices, industries, travel, closure of airspace, and borders world over forcing governments to put in place extra preventive measures in-country to reduce the spread of the pandemic.   The President’s address[1] prohibited people to people interactions and

Know Your Rights, An Understanding of the Legal Framework for Advocacy during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Background; Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) through the REAct Project under Safety and Protection Department working with Research & Documentation and Linking Learning Department runs the KNOW YOUR RIGHTS program.  The Know your Rights Program is an initiative that started about three-four years ago against the need and background to equip LGBTI organization leaders and community

Sexual Minorities Uganda joins webinar to discuss the issues faced by the LGBTIQ community because of COVID-19.

Sexual Minorities Uganda-SMUG joined Right Here Right Now Uganda-RHRN for a webinar aimed at addressing the issues faced by the LGBTIQ community because of COVID-19. The discussion was moderated by the SMUG Research and Documentation Officer Richard Lusimbo who guided the panel to put across pertinent issues. They were joined by community members and allies who