Congratulations on 12th Anniversary, Freedom and Roam Uganda!

Kampala July 06, 2015

Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) congratulates Freedom and roam Uganda (FARUG) as they celebrated 12 years of existence on the 4th July. FARUG is the first founding member of SMUG.

Found in 2003,FARUG aims at influencing policy makers to change discriminatory policies and legislations and shift in attitude of the general society towards Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgender and Intersex women. FARUG has in the last twelve years spearheaded programs to address inclusion of LBTI women in feminist agenda, women’s health access and the general struggles for bodily autonomy. FARUG has also made attempts to eradicate dependency due to poverty in the community through projects that offer economic empowerment training, and job opportunities. Plus provide services and empowerment to create a vibrant health, social and safe environment for its members.

Safe and friendly spaces for social gatherings, sports, entertainment and other recreational activities have been sourced. FARUG members who are economically challenged have received economic empowerment trainings and safe space for office premises with a fully equipped resource centre for easy access to trainings, information and technology have been provided for members including a health clinic to take care of the health members.

“FARUG still has a lot to accomplish, but in the twelve years we’ve seen several successes in bringing especially the lesbian community together,” noted Dr. Frank Mugisha Executive Director, SMUG. “SMUG has every intention to keep supporting all their efforts leading to a liberated sexual and gender minority community in Uganda.” He added.

Congratulations and happy anniversary to Freedom and Roam Uganda and ALL your members in Uganda and in the diaspora. Long live and ALUTA CONTINUA.


Dr. Frank Mugisha,

Executive Director

Pepe Julian Onziema

Programs Director

Inquiry: Diane Bakuraira-


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