Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG) Executive Director Ssenfuka J Warren on significance of Women’s Day to her as a Lesbian in Uganda today.

Of what significance is women’s day to you as a lesbian woman in Uganda?

I am a woman before am a lesbian, a lover of women who is passionate about women’s rights. Women’s day is important to me because I get to celebrate womanhood and the progress of all women in Uganda as we continue to push for gender parity.

What should LBTIQ women do to better women’s equality?

There is  need to continue working with the women’s movements to combat issues that affect   women and expose violations against women especially Sexual Based Violence.


Biggie as we call her at FARUG offices.

As the ED FARUG and a member of SMUG what can SMUG do more of to accelerate empowerment of LBTIQ women in Uganda?

As ED of FARUG I first love to thank SMUG for the work done to support LBTIQ identifying women in Uganda. I call for more inclusion of the LBT constituencies in the SMUG programming especially health and advocacy.

What keeps you going in an environment where homophobia and transphobia prevails?

Passion, Empathy, Hope,

I have a passion to advocate for human rights for all regardless of differences in origin, race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation.

I am very empathetic which pushes me to be the voice for the voiceless.

Hope that one day Uganda will be a country where everyone enjoys their rights and freedoms regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.


Some FARUG members pose for a photo during women’s day celebrations at FARUG offices.

The theme for the day is “WE PLEDGE FOR PARITY”


Message to women out there (General message).

Self acceptance: Every woman should love and believe in themselves enough to know that they can achieve anything. As women, we should break the chain of patriarchy and build the belief that whatever a man can do; a woman can equally do if they are determined to.


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